FAO Influencers

Thank you so much for visiting TheVeganKind Supermarket - Influencers Only! We are so pleased to have created this site where we can offer influencers just like you discounts on our whole product rangešŸ˜ƒ We are growing rapidly and adding new stock all the time. If there is ever anything in particular that we don't stock, that you really want, please do touch base and we will see what we can do!

What's the catch?

All we ask is that for each time you shop with us and you benefit from a discount, you promote us in some way on social media. Perhaps a wall post or story on instagram, a mention in a blog with a back link to the products you bought, a shout out on a YouTube video, with link back to theĀ  site....Whatever way you choose to show your love for TVK - we cannot say THANK YOU enough!

The Rules (there are only 2)

1. The purchases you make must be bought for you and shipped to you only. Your discount will be aligned to your email address, and you agree to not allow anyone else to shop using your discount code. Any breach of this will result in your access to the site being removed.

2. You agree to a fair use policy of the discount code. For example, we would love to see an instagram post of you showing off your shiny new hair along with the gorgeous range of Maria Nila productsĀ that you bought, used and LOVED from our supermarket! ButĀ it would be considered an unfair use of your TVK influencer status if you were to use your discount to buy severalĀ of these products to gift to friends and family. Ā Please be kind and considerate and purchase items for your own personal use :)Ā 

Interested in earning commission from TVK?

If you do have a blog or social channel which you are trying to monetise, then you should consider signing up to our affiliate program. This means that you will earn up to 7% commission for sales you send our way.

Here is how that would work:

1. Sign up to our affiliate programĀ here. If you get stuck along the way, just navigate to the Contact Us section where help is at hand.

2.Ā Once you are signed up as an affiliate, you can then send people to our website and as long as they came through your link, you will earn commission on the purchase they make.

In practice you could place an order here on the 'Influencers Only' site. Then once you receive your order do a blog, social media post or video about what amazing goodies you bought!

Within your content, you could direct people back to us, and should they go on to purchase through your dedicated referral link, you will earn commission! It is that simple!

Can we offer further support?

Of course! If you want, we can create you a dedicated discount code for your loyal following. This will help you earn commission too.

If you want your own unique code set up, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at socialinfluencers@thevegankind.com.

Thank you so much, from everyone at Team TVK x

TVK Influencers